Award-winning logo, Integrated Marketing, and Website Design & Development

Bulk Equipment Corp.

A rebrand ready for a national spotlight

This Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)-certified equipment rental company is headquartered in Michigan City, IN. One of the challenges of being a successful local business is the need to honor your tradition and your roots while growing your audience and your services.

Bulk needed a comprehensive rebranding to better communicate their services, represent the professionalism of their team, and break through to audiences across North America. They needed full-scale integrated marketing strategy and services across many channels.

The Grossbauer Group designed and developed a logo, tagline, core messaging, brand standards, business cards, sales collateral, and copywriting. Our team art-directed an on-site photo shoot in addition to scripting and producing a video to capture the character and culture of Bulk’s dynamic team for use in collateral and on an all-new website. Formerly known as Bulk Transport Corp., we guided the renaming process to Bulk Equipment Corp., putting the company’s world-class equipment rental solutions in focus.

Bulk’s award-winning website features parallax scrolling (a design technique that creates depth on the Web), striking photography, and responsive design to show the world Bulk’s full range of capabilities and expertise. Since rebranding, Bulk Equipment Corp. has successfully expanded their operation from a strong local business to an industry powerhouse serving Northwest Indiana, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, and Pittsburgh.

  • Bulk’s new website increased traffic by 81%, 2014 vs. 2013
  • Bulk’s YouTube video went from 189 to 4,334 views as a result of an ad campaign
  • Organic views of Bulk’s YouTube video had a better-than-average retention rate vs. videos of similar length

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