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case study  intro

This supply chain management firm was founded in 1929 as the nation’s pioneer in spare parts service for phonograph and jukebox customers. Today, it ranks in the Inbound Logistics Top 100 list and advances the success of known brand names nationwide.


  • Strategic and tactical implementation of a comprehensive rebranding rollout
Fidelitone Rebranding Collateral
Fidelitone Rebranding Logo
Smoke Asphalt Crimson Lava

We articulated the brand through logo design and a visual brand language, complemented by core messages that position and unify service offerings.

marketing strategies

  • Focus the brand umbrella
  • Engage employees
  • Create consistent touchpoints
Fidelitone Truck

Earning Customer Loyalty

“We manage resources, create right-fit solutions, and optimize supply chain processes to advance your business performance and profitability. At every step and in every service, FIDELITONE employees focus on the touch-points that safeguard your brand and keep your customers coming back.”

Fidelitone polo
Every day.

Core Messages

Optimized messages help clients, prospects, and employees live and understand the brand. An employee onboarding program and ongoing recognition systems help underscore success.

Fidelitone Rebranding Brochure Fidelitone Rebranding Brochure
Fidelitone Rebranding Logo

From engaging trade show booths and handouts to custom photography, to collateral mass email campaigns and web animations, the brand continues to evolve and thrive.

Fidelitone Warehouse Photo
Fidelitone Warehouse Photo

“The Grossbauer Group team has been an invaluable go-to resource for us. Their integrated marketing support during our rebranding process was insightful, strategic, and creative, culminating in our award-winning corporate identity.”

Joe Giglio — Chief Marketing Officer