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case study  intro

A new business venture, NutriHub needed a brand identity to reflect its core values of nutrition and wellness and sell its product of customized, handcrafted beverages. Brainstorming and exploration led to a brand personality that blends a bold, communal vibe with an active lifestyle.

marketing strategies

  • create a brand experience
  • appeal to fitness lifestyle
  • leverage apparel for word-of-mouth
man doing a plank

Vibrant colors and dynamic shapes form the building blocks of NutriHub’s logo and brand personality.


  • name, logo, and identity
  • signage & interior design
  • apparel design
  • menu, business card, and cup design
Nutrihub Logo
Pulse Spark Vapor Summit

NutriHub’s signature colors and clean design imbue collateral with a powerful, playful energy. The brand translates well to a line of activewear apparel that reinforces the strength that results from eating well.

Nutrihub fitness apparel Nutrihub shirt
Nutrihub business cards
Nutrihub cup

Streamlined business cards play with gradients and texture to make a striking first impression. Continuing the retail experience, custom disposable cups carry the brand from storefront to customers on the go.

Nutrihub coupon and menu
Nutrihub storefront sign Nutrihub website displayed on a phone

A coupon for first-time customers and a memorable menu help drive business into the storefront location and keep customers coming back. Custom signage on its Merrillville, Indiana retail location allows NutriHub’s big brand presence to be seen and noticed from the road.

“You guys did a bang-up job! Customers think we’re a national franchise, rather than a local business, because of our professional logo and signage.”

Jared Tauber — Owner

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