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What’s holding your business back? It might be this.

There’s a big discrepancy in marketing today: seven in 10 leading marketers say that their companies use data to support decision-making at all levels...

two people looking at data on a laptop screen

Broaden Your Website’s Reach With This Strategy

There’s no better advocate than a happy, loyal customer—someone who can point to your brand and say: “I trust them to do good work.” 

Strategy to broaden your website's reach

3 Facets of a Fantastic Ad

Recently, Joanna Coles, the former chief content officer of Hearst Magazines made a polarizing statement at a conference: “People hate advertising, an...

3 Facets of a Fantastic Ad

Color Matters: Silver

A popular saying proclaims that “every cloud has a silver lining,” but silver often plays second fiddle to its highly coveted partner, gold. So does t...

Color Matters Silver

Customer Satisfaction ≠ Customer Loyalty

Customer satisfaction is an essential element to building customer loyalty, but a satisfied customer isn’t always a loyal customer.

Customer Satisfaction ≠ Customer Loyalty

Web Headings: the Difference between Hierarchy and Anarchy

When creating or updating web pages, users often select a heading based on what looks best on the page, essentially choosing form over function. But f...

Web headings: the difference between hierarchy and anarchy

Using Video in a Multi-Touch Campaign

A core principle of integrated marketing is that multiple touches are needed to convert leads. How many? Hubspot suggests a sales prospect needs an av...

using video in a multi-touch campaign

Matt's 5 Favorite Novels

Writer & Digital Marketing Specialist Matt enjoys thinking outside-the-box and always has an interesting perspective. Matt’s 5 favorite novels reflect...

Matt's 5 Favorite Novels

WordPress: How Many Plugins is Too Many?

Even if you’ve never touched code in your life, you likely know what WordPress is. The easy-to-use WordPress platform serves as the foundation of 35%...

wordpress: how many plugins is too many?

When Ad Targeting Goes Wrong

One side effect of our digital age is dealing with poorly targeted ads. You know what we mean—that moment when you’re scrolling through your phone or...

When ad targeting goes wrong