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3 Facets of a Fantastic Ad

3 Facets of a Fantastic Ad

Recently, Joanna Coles, the former chief content officer of Hearst Magazines made a polarizing statement at a conference: “People hate advertising, and it’s all advertisers’ fault.”

Everyday situations reveal this truth: people leave the room when commercials air, flip past magazine ads, click out of pop-ups, and change the radio station when it’s time for a commercial break.

But, do people hate all ads? Super Bowl commercials have become almost as talked-about as the big game itself. Ryan Reynolds has gained a cult following for his clever, timely ads. Spotify’s “Wrapped” campaigns took over billboards and the Internet.

The question instead becomes: do people hate all ads, or only poorly executed ones? 

Consider these three factors to build a better ad:

Experts estimate that most Americans see as many as 10,000 ads each day. Want to stand out from the crowd and build insightful, personalized ads your audience actually wants to see? Let’s talk.