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7 Brand Voice Fatal Flaws

Brand Voice

Developing a brand voice is crucial to communicating effectively and consistently with your audience. A stable brand voice will position your business as a professional company to be taken seriously.

Want to safeguard your brand perception? Here are some fatal flaws to avoid:

  1. Not having a plan
    If you think your brand voice is whatever you choose to write, think again. Planning tone as well as content is crucial to a consistent brand voice that sounds the same every time it speaks.
  2. Oversharing about your company
    While humanizing your brand is a good idea, only sharing content about your company has the opposite effect on your audience—it will isolate and annoy them. Limit company-focused sharing to what fits within your social media strategy, such as big achievements (in a non-bragging way), business growth, and/or community involvement. (Check out this post about "You" vs. "We" Messages for more on this idea.)
  3. Viewing everything as a potential sales pitch
    Your audience can tell when you're trying to sell them something. The solution? Start conversations with your clients by sharing informative and educational content. Keep the focus on your audience, rather than on your pitch.
  4. Making spelling and grammar mistakes
    40% of consumers report that poor spelling and grammar damage their opinions of a brand on social media, according to Disruptive Communications. Don't annoy your customers with a sloppy brand voice.
  5. Ignoring your audience
    This includes deleting or ignoring negative comments, reviews, or emails. Instead, thank customers for the feedback, engage with constructive criticism, and seek to improve the user experience.
  6. Creating a niche voice
    It's a common trap to think that a brand voice has to be funny, irreverent, or shocking to gain attention. Could this work for your audience? Perhaps. But it's important to know your demographic and stay firmly footed in your brand positioning.
  7. Never refining your brand voice
    You've read all the articles, followed all the rules, and now you're set. Right? Don't forget to refine and reevaluate your brand voice over time to help you stay relevant. As your brand grows, your audience and their needs will also change and grow.