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Mac and Cheese: Ben’s Local 5 Favorites

Mac and Cheese: Ben’s Local 5 Favorites

Office manager Ben has deep roots in the community: leadership, activism, and volunteering. He’s also got the scoop on the best mac and cheese.

Ben is known around the office for his love of food—specifically, macaroni and cheese. After all, he’s been to the Indianapolis Mac and Cheese Fest, “Return of the Mac,” twice. He’s even got the sweatshirt to prove it.

After growing up on the nostalgic comforts of Kraft and Velveeta, I discovered a multitude of ways to enjoy mac during my college days at Indiana University Bloomington. Many restaurants put their own spin on the classic soul food. Some add an extra, fun twist: stuff it in a burger; toss it on a pizza; fry it up—but I still prefer mine more traditionally prepared.

Popular chains like Noodles & Company or Panera Bread serve some tasty macaroni and cheese, but here are Ben’s top 5 local-ish favorites:

  1. Greenbush Brewing, Sawyer, Michigan
    Creamy Mornay sauce, Cavatappi pasta, & cheese served hot in a cast iron skillet. (Add the brisket for the perfect meal!)
  2. Joella’s Hot Chicken, multiple Indianapolis locations
    Pipette pasta mixed with a homemade cheese sauce made up from 4 artisanal cheeses, topped with panko bread crumbs & fresh herbs.
  3. ClusterTruck, Indianapolis, Indiana
    Roasted chicken tossed in house-made spicy buffalo sauce and baked into creamy mac and cheese. Finished with a crispy parmesan crust.
  4. Wagner's Ribs, Porter, Indiana
    Cavatappi pasta tossed with creamy four-cheese sauce.
  5. Sweenie Todd's Smoked Meats, Chesterton, Indiana
    Simple shell pasta in cheese.