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Kate's 5 Favorite Artists on Instagram

Graphic Designer Kate often finds inspiration on her Instagram feed.

“Choosing my favorite artists was difficult, because I follow so many different types of artists who showcase their work on Instagram—motion and 3D designers, illustrators, photographers, industrial designers, paper prop artists….I could go on.”

Kate’s 5 Favorite Artists on Instagram:

Idle Letters (Loz Ives)

Hand letterer, designer, and illustrator

“I love his typography style and his use of color, but most of all I love the texture he incorporates. He’s a big reason why I started working with Procreate on the iPad. I even use one of the brush sets he created for Procreate!”

example of work by Idle Letters (Loz Ives), hand letterer, designer, and illustrator

Mat Voyce


“I love Mat’s style and enjoy seeing what he calls “type scraps”—small typography and animation experiments. I’m inspired by the relationship between motion and context in his work, and in awe of the mood he conveys through illustrative type.” 

example of work by Mat Voyce, designer

Beya Rebaï


“While I spend most workdays designing digitally, in my time off I enjoy illustration and painting (which is probably why I enjoy texture so much in digital work). I enjoy Beya’s use of color, and the rich density of pigment she achieves with her wax pastels. Her work motivated me to buy the same brand of pastels to experiment with myself!”

example of work by Beya Rebai, Illustrator

Jordan Metcalf


“Jordan’s amazing typography work pretty much speaks for itself. I’m a little bit in awe of the depth he achieves in shading his 3D type.” 

example of work by Jordan Metcalf, designer



“I’m always excited to see the ways he distorts type in his work. I enjoy the retro style he favors, and it gives me some good inspiration for type distortion illustrations of my own.”

example work by Mishko, designer