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Why You Need a Marketing Campaign Brief

Why you need a marketing campaign brief

If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.

This popular saying has been variously attributed to an ancient Hindu proverb, the Talmud, the Cheshire Cat, and the Beatles' George Harrison. Whoever said it, the principle can be applied to business marketing—marketing for the sake of marketing is just spending money.

At the Grossbauer Group, we carefully craft campaign briefs to ensure measurable success. Our methods include an examination of:

Are your marketing campaigns achieving your desired results? If not, perhaps it's time to consider creating a campaign brief before you implement your next campaign.

Here's why you need a marketing campaign brief:

  1. To ensure you're selecting the right channels
    By planning ahead, you can evaluate which channels will be an effective part of your campaign and ensure you've considered the best matches. For example, if you've chosen an email campaign, have you considered complementary marketing via social media, print ads, employee email signatures, and storefront signage?
  2. To reach the right people
    When you launch a marketing campaign through any given channel, whom are you hoping to reach? Establishing a defined audience allows you to target your ideal audience and convert leads into business. Today's tools allow for extensive micro-targeting. To use them, you need to know where you're aiming.
  3. To achieve your defined goal
    What do you want this campaign to achieve? If your campaign doesn't include a defined call-to-action—clear next step for your audience to take—then your campaign is a wasted opportunity. First identifying the objective of your campaign will help you align all elements around meeting that objective. (For help with this, consult our Marketing Solution Workbook)
  4. To accurately measure metrics
    Measuring against defined objectives will allow you to assess the effectiveness of your work. Recording website traffic, email list subscribers, or social media followers will help gauge the campaign's place in your business strategy and its ROI.
  5. To safeguard your budget and maximize ROI
    Inflated project budgets are often the result of poor planning. By laying out budget for each step of your campaign, you can help stay within budget and maximize your ROI.

Increase the effectiveness of your next marketing campaign by creating a campaign brief. We can help! Talk to us to develop a customized marketing campaign brief.