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Creativity in Crisis

We recently talked about how important creativity is to your health. And during times of crisis, everyday creativity is even more crucial, even if it seems a little more challenging.

Let’s try something: let’s reframe how we think about creativity. Sometimes, creativity is like exercise. When you have a cold, maybe you don’t run your usual 5k in the morning. Maybe you just take a walk or do a little stretching. But being creative is not always fun, spontaneous, or easy. Like most worthwhile things, flexing your creative muscles takes practice. 

So get creative with your creativity—explore a new way to create; admire art from a new angle; seek out inspiration without attempting to create something tangible

Creativity exists in all domains of work, so go exploring somewhere new:

  1. Stretch your brain: look into MasterClass or SkillShare membership.
  2. Abandon “perfection” for “practice.” Like yoga, creativity is a journey. Sometimes the need to fill a blank page or artboard with perfection can be paralyzing. Unleash yourself from that pressure and enjoy the process, even if it takes 14 tries.
  3. Reach way back [to childhood]: sometimes the simplest things are the most rewarding. An untouched coloring book, the smell of a new box of crayons or gel pens, a Sharpie’s maiden voyage across the first sheet of construction paper—don’t limit yourself to trying something you’ve never done before. 
  4. Question everything. Curiosity breeds creativity.
  5. Surround yourself with inspiration: listen to music, spend time in nature (forest bathing, anyone?), read everything, follow new tags on social media, make lots of lists, maybe even read cookbooks if that’s your thing. 
  6. Ditch the guilt over not creatively achieving, and give yourself time. Be gentle with yourself. Take a break, get your hands dirty, then get back to it.