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Cameron's 5 Favorite Animations

What animation taught Web Developer Cameron about teamwork.

On our team, Cameron is the go-to guy to add custom motion to websites and to chime in with a clean and simple solution to a puzzling problem.

“Like just about every other kid, I grew up watching Disney and Pixar movies and playing video games. I enjoyed it so much that I applied for an internship at Blizzard Entertainment, one of the largest game studios, well-known for making the best 'cinematics,' short-form CG animations usually meant as teaser trailers or story introductions. While I sadly didn’t land the internship, I still went on to study 3D modeling and animation in college.” 

“Studying animation gave me a new perspective of the kind of work that goes into making these animations. Rather than ruining the magic, studying the behind-the-scenes process helped me appreciate animation even more. It takes large teams thousands of hours—with each animator working on a tiny piece of the puzzle—to create the final product that’s just a few minutes long. But to me, that kind of detailed teamwork is worth it to be transported into the story.”

His 5 favorite short animations:

Warbringers: Jaina” by Blizzard Entertainment

“The watercolor-inspired animation style of this video is what really stands out to me. Add in the score that was written and performed just for this short, and painstaking frame-by-frame creation, and this short just keeps getting more incredible.”

Kitbull” by Pixar Sparkshorts

“The story is the star in this short animation. It definitely takes you on a feels trip. Fair warning: this is beautiful, but you'll probably cry.”

The Present” by Jacob Frey

“Like Kitbull, this animation conveys a lot of story in one, short video. While the storyline still packs an emotional punch, its upbeat tone is easy to watch.” 

Overwatch Cinematic Trailer” by Blizzard Entertainment

“This video game promotional trailer feels so complete that it could keep going for another hour and I'd be hooked. I wouldn't be surprised if this content was fleshed out into a feature film in the future. The animation style reminds me of the work Pixar and Dreamworks put out, which is amazing coming from a small team at a game studio.”

Dragons” by Blizzard Entertainment

“Great animation paired with a strong plot and tight storytelling makes this animation just so enjoyable to watch. They conveyed a compelling story from beginning to end.”