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Brad's 5 Favorite Lists

Brad's 5 Favorite Lists

Too creative, complex, and cheeky to be defined by just one list, our Lead Multimedia Producer, Brad, shares inspiration from his varied interests and hobbies. Discover how bikes, cars, BBQ, music, and travel influence Brad's eye-popping design work

Bikeexif Bikes of the Week:

Bike Design

"On the side, I like to design bikes. It's a fun challenge to create something functional and eye-catching. Bikeexif's “bike of the week” list always has great builds that feature a wide variety of artwork on two wheels."

SEMA Top Builds 2019:

Car Builds

"Cars were how I got into design. I drew them as a kid and I've built three cars with my dad. This list features some truly amazing car builders and vehicles that inspire me."

Unusual Grilling Recipes:


"73 unusual recipes for the grill?! Uh, yeah!"

Top Albums of 2010:


"This was one of the best years in Indie music. This list always gets me in the right headspace to start creating."

Best Places to Stargaze:


"Because there really isn’t too much better than looking up at the sky full of stars and a full moon…in some random place."