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Best for This Worst for That: Facebook

facebook best for this and worst for that

Explore the pros and cons of an ever-growing list of Facebook features. 

Facebook Pages:

Best for: brands & brand divisions

Worst for: limited time events or specific products

Caution: Creating too many pages for your brand creates unnecessary overhead and negatively segments your audience.

Facebook Public Events:

Best for: in-person events

Worst for: web events

Caution: Creating a public event for webinar or conference call may seem unprofessional. Consider using another platform.

Facebook Private Events:

Best for: invite-only events

Worst for: professional meetings

Caution: Consider whether the event needs to be private. If it’s an event that can be opened to the public—but isn’t—you risk the appearance of exclusivity.

Facebook Groups:

Best for: user-created content

Worst for: reaching new consumers

Caution: Most groups thrive under self-moderation, which limits your messaging control. 

Facebook Private Groups:

Best for: influencer development

Worst for: reaching new consumers

Caution: Administering a private group can be rewarding, but also time-consuming. Have a solid, sustainable content plan in place. 

Facebook Hashtags:

Best for: reaching new audiences

Worst for: placement control

Caution: You never know what kind of content your brand will appear next to when a user browses by hashtag.

Facebook Post Sharing:

Best for: brand alignment

Worst for: thought leadership

Caution: Over-utilizing post-sharing can make your content feel unoriginal.

Facebook Stories:

Best for: repeat brand impressions

Worst for: long-form appeals

Caution: As on other platforms, Facebook stories disappear after a while, which reduces their long-term returns.

Facebook Live:

Best for: influencer marketing

Worst for: B2B appeals

Caution: You’ll never know how many viewers will engage with a live video. Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

Facebook Fundraisers:

Best for: limited-time fundraising campaigns

Worst for: ongoing donor management

Caution: Facebook fundraisers are easy-to-use and powerful, but leave you with little donor information for the next campaign. 

Facebook Watch Party:

Best for: follower engagement

Worst for: reaching new audiences

Caution: Followers all enter the same chat-room during a watch party, which can make moderation difficult.

Facebook Product Listing and Tagging:

Best for: showcasing goods and services with static prices

Worst for: promoting services that require custom quotes

Caution: If your prices change frequently, forgetting to update your prices on Facebook could lead to some unhappy followers.

Facebook Job Postings:

Best for: entry-level positions

Worst for: specialist positions

Caution: Facebook is not a specialized job platform, so reaching users with specific skills can be difficult.

Facebook Offers:

Best for: promoting discounts on standard goods and services 

Worst for: complex products and services

Caution: Too many details on the offer can make the post seem spammy, which reflects poorly on your business.

Facebook Polls:

Best for: follower engagement

Worst for: orderly comment sections

Caution: Interesting polls can make for a lively comments section. Give your moderator time to prepare, and coach the moderator on how to respond to negative social media comments.