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Write a Better Call-to-Action with These Tips

Write a Better Call-to-Action with These Tips

Creating marketing material without a call-to-action is like using a fishing pole without a lure. You may think you’re fishing, but without a lure, you’re not going to get anybody to “bite.”

For your content to be effective, you must ask your audience to take action. It seems straightforward, but it’s the most often overlooked piece of any marketing tactic—including emails, websites, or ads.

Here’s where your call-to-action comes in. A call-to-action, CTA in shorthand, is a piece of content designed to persuade your audience to take a specific action. The more direct and straightforward you are about what you want your audience to do, the more effective your marketing will be.

What should my call-to-action be?

Here’s a great question to ask yourself: After reading your content, what do you want your audience to do?

It’s that simple.

Tips for writing a call to action

Think action verbs

Try these key words and phrases to get started:

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