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Kristi’s 5 Favorite Butterflies

Kristi's 5 favorite butterflys - red-spotted purple butterfly

Web Services Manager Kristi has an eye for detail—both in the office and out in nature.

Butterflies are delicate, but also resilient—like the transformation from pupae to butterfly. Sometimes you’ll see them with damaged wings, but they're still able to fly and seem unaffected. The journeys that Monarchs make every year are simply amazing.

Kristi was a trained butterfly monitor at a local nature preserve and still loves to watch for migrating butterflies every year.

Her 5 favorite butterflies:

Karner BlueKarner Blue Butterfly

Giant FritillaryGiant Fritillary butterfly

Red-spotted PurpleRed-spotted purple butterfly

MonarchMonarch butterfly

Giant SwallowtailGiant Swallowtail butterfly