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National Pasteurized Eggs - Consumer

Pasteurized = Peace of Mind

When we started working with the producer of Safest Choice® pasteurized eggs in 2006, this innovative food product had minimal brand awareness. Safest Choice® eggs, pasteurized in their shells, help prevent foodborne illness from all-too-common Salmonella—yet many consumers had little understanding of what pasteurization is, making this premium-priced egg a challenging sell. The brand was also battling consumer misconceptions, e.g., “Aren’t all eggs pasteurized?” “Is pasteurized the same as pasture-raised?”

We strategized that the brand experience was driven by culinary joys not (safely) possible with ordinary eggs. Thus, we designed and optimized a mobile-friendly, award-winning recipe center to drive brand engagement. Over more than a decade, our integrated marketing approach included focus groups, strategic positioning, brand messaging, package design, establishment of Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram presences, blog posts, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), recipe development, how-to videos, targeted advertising campaigns and mass email campaigns. Safe eggnog, safe Caesar salad, safe homemade ice cream, and many similar concepts served as core campaigns. We built a distinct Web destination for Registered Dietitians to recruit them in advancing the value proposition with consumers.

We supported the company in its retail expansion from 12 states to 50—as well as its international expansion. Additional results:

  • 1,400 unique search phrases appeared on the first page of Google
  • W3 Silver Award for Integrated Mobile Experience
  • 33,200% increase in website visits
  • 3.5 million social media impressions per quarter
  • 60% conversion rate on organic website visits

The brand amassed a groundswell of loyal advocates and achieved such significant growth that it was acquired by Post Holdings in 2016.

The Grossbauer Group has been an architect of many of our powerful and effective marketing communications strategies. The team has consistently analyzed drivers in our marketplace and crafted messaging that has helped us succeed in every phase of marketing communications to our target audiences.

Greg West,
former CEO, National Pasteurized Eggs, Inc.